Marge's Story

I believe it was during my first visit to SFF that I was introduced to creating freshly cut flowering lavender into beribboned little bundles of pot-pourri. A very pleasant pastime and a pleasing fragrance as well. But more important, the beginning of a wonderful on-going friendship. 

My second visit found me sitting in a small sunny glade beside a singing brook with an inviting footbridge and  a nearby pond which must harbor all sorts of creatures. Benches and chairs were arranged in a friendly fashion and in this sublime realm of unspoiled nature we set to work shelling peas. Working conditions such as these are what dreams are made of.

At other visits we cut up wee tomatoes and home grown mushrooms to be dried and later packaged. And we dusted off considerable crops of potatoes and onions, grading them as to size as we went along. Whatever and wherever the task, the company and the scene of action seemed to lend an air of celebration that I’ve never experienced before. 

I haven’t exactly counted the times I’ve visited SFF, but it’s a very special place and each visit brings its own treasured memories. I wish I could have met these amazing and incomparable people when I was younger and would have been more help, but they, being the epitome of love and understanding, seem to have accepted my old and decrepit state and have even gone so far as to try to convince me that I have been some help. 

Please realize that this is not an incidental statement, but those three lovely people, the Hoyts, know how to and set about making long lost dreams come true. To say thank you is vastly inadequate. 

 An addendum by Lorraine: We met Marge this summer when she called looking for someone to do some repairs at her home in Sandy Creek. Zach went and enjoyed listening to her stories and invited her to visit us at the farm. Since then she’s joined us for work and lunch and brought us many items that she wanted to get rid of and we could use. We enjoy hearing about her life and seeing this place anew through her enthusiasm and interest. Whenever possible we take a break while she’s here and Zach plays a few hymn tunes or waltzes for her on his fiddle.  

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